Welcome to The Beauty Project!

I spent a lot of time searching for my 'why' behind The Beauty Project, and I've found it's simple: I want women to walk confidently in their uniqueness, embracing their personalities, bodies, stories, abilities and to forget the comparison game. I want women to set aside perfection and be vulnerably seen so that we can help shape the future of womanhood through unconditional love and acceptance. It all starts with embracing ourselves. Let's do this together. ️

The Beauty Project is a movement.

"The Beauty Project is a movement that calls women to live their lives fully and unashamedly, expressing their beauty, uniqueness, and individuality. Through vulnerability, real life stories, and fashion, we celebrate women and together embrace confident living. The Beauty Project's heartbeat is to catalyze women to rise up out of hiding and into sharing what we carry with the world."

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Founder - The Beauty Project

Drew is a writer and people lover obsessed with the art of storytelling. She took a risk and started The Beauty Project in hopes of empowering women to boldly own their unique beauty. In her spare time, you'll find Drew learning how to cook, exploring Northern California with her family and getting lost in every thrift store on the West Coast.